YH Longlead Sdn. Bhd.

About Us

YH Longlead Sdn. Bhd. is a provider of industrial solutions, serving the semiconductor, electronics, food processing and medical industry since 2017.

Observing the purchase and supply trends of the market, we have noted that there are numerous challenges faced by end users (customers) in the procurement of products from manufacturers. One major challenge is that the customer has to buy in bulk in order to enjoy lower purchase costs. Another issue is that manufacturers usually specialise in certain products and as such, customers have to deal with multiple parties to procure materials for their purposes.

This is an opportunity for us whereby we can offer a one-stop service to these customers. Our sourcing teams will evaluate and source for the best quality products at the best of prices, dealing with the various manufacturers to consolidate the purchases for the customers. This will save them not only considerable time and effort but also help them to procure materials and products at good prices.

Our commitment is punctuality and efficiency and our core focus is helping to meet customers’ production schedules.

Our Motto

Where Convenience Meets Productivity.

Our Workflow


Validate quoted price batch sample,sample approval(local/foreign)


Trial run


Mass production (MP)


Order conformation


QC Checking